Welcome to my home page, a random collection of stuff which is not terribly important in the scheme of things.

I have spent most of my career in the on-line information services industry. I presently work as a software developer in Florida, having previously spent 30+ years working for Interactive Data Corp.  During my 40 years of experience, I have worked on a wide range of systems including DBMS's, operating systems, 4GLs, debugging systems, OLAPs and GUIs. During this time I amassed a set of truisms which I have summarized as Wyman's Laws.

Prior to moving to Florida in 1999, I spent 10 years teaching skiing at Waterville Valley, NH. During this time, I edited a ski tips page for Waterville's Web site.  While these tips are no longer available on Waterville's Web site, thanks to the outstanding Internet Archive site, you should be able to find my tips located here.